Thank you for your interest in attending NOTOCON XIV, the first to take place since the SARS-COV2 pandemic began.

The U.S.G.L. COVID Response Team, in partnership with the Conference Committee, has set the following expectations for NOTOCON registrants/attendees for lessening our health risks as we gather for the largest of our events.

Please carefully review the following list of expectations for all NOTOCON attendees:

  1. COVID Vaccination and bivalent booster is strongly recommended, but not required.

  2. COVID Rapid Testing at home on the day of travel to NOTOCON is strongly recommended.

  3. Masking while using public transportation to NOTOCON is strongly recommended.

  4. Registrants who test positive or have active symptoms are expected to stay home. Refunds for registrants who test positive for COVID will be made available after the conference.

  5. Attendees who arrive with symptoms or develop symptoms while at NOTOCON will be required to show a negative test or to isolate in their personal room until one can be provided (tests will be available on site). A negative test will be required before symptomatic persons can attend any NOTOCON events.

  6. Depending on the epidemiologic environment as we get closer to the event we may add a mask requirement.

Any changes to these requirements and expectations will be communicated by July 1, 2023.