Friday Sessions

Event times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)



Foyer 1h 30m


LGBTQIA+: The History of Pronouns

Vail 1h 20m

This module explores the history of pronouns and how words can change their meaning over time. The resource video examines how language shapes our environment and focuses on arguments from the 1600s surrounding the use of “you” as a singular pronoun. The module ends with a self-reflection question examining terms used in the Anthem of the Gnostic Mass.

LGBTQIA+: Queer Language 101 - Attraction

Beaver Creek 1h 20m

This module explores different types of sexual and romantic attraction and introduces the terms used in the LGBTQIA+ community. The prompts help underline the importance of self-identification. The self-reflection question reviews the material in light of Liber Librae.


Vendor Room Open

Keystone 5h 30m


Consent: Establishing and Honoring Boundaries (Part Two)

Vail 1h 20m

The second half of this two-part module challenges the participants to explore how they react to hearing other people’s boundaries, to understand that another person’s set boundaries may have nothing to do with you but with their own limits and space needs, and to realize that assumptions and miscommunication can cloud our perception. The self-reflection question asks the participants to consider how, as magicians, we need to be aware of our own translations of circumstances.

LGBTQIA+: Queer Allyship

Beaver Creek 1h 20m

Allyship can be viewed many different ways. Sometimes people want to help but don’t know how or where to start. This module helps define what an ally is and more specifically what it means to be a queer ally. Learn nine ways to become a better ally, and finish the module by considering the material through the lens of Liber Librae.

The Masters' Roundtable

Aspen/Snowmass 1h 30m

This Roundtable gives local masters a chance to discuss and catch up on issues, as well as welcome new masters to the group. Current sitting local masters only, please.


Racial Diversity: Transformational Activism

Vail 1h 20m

This module is an introduction to transformational activism. Transformational is defined as a thorough change to what we see or experience. The video’s presenter lays out four steps to achieving this change. The participants will be asked to discuss the concepts and self-reflect about their role in creating change and eliminating implicit bias.

Racial Diversity: Implicit Racial Bias

Beaver Creek 1h 20m

This module is centered around a documentary that explores the question “Can science alert us to bias?” In the video, different tests are administered and the results are examined. Participants will begin by discussing the difference between unconscious bias and prejudice before being asked to take the “Symbolic Racism Scale” test and consider its effectiveness in determining racial bias. The module wraps up with discussion reviewing the material in light of Liber Oz.


Thelema for All Team Q&A

Beaver Creek 30m

The Thelema for All Diversity module team works under the umbrella of the Diversity Task Force and has created over 30 modules based on topics directly relating to racial diversity, women, the LGBTQIA+ community and accessibility. The modules were designed to be a tool for our membership to have discussions, increase awareness of underserved populations, and challenge themselves to self-reflect on the module topic as it relates to Thelema. During this session, members of the Thelema for All module team will be available to answer questions and share their experience of working on the team.



Foyer 1h 30m


Opening Reception

Monarch 5h

Opening remarks with Hattie Quinn